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Cerebral Palsy affects 17 million people worldwide and is the most common motor disorder occurring in childhood. CPISRA is the leading international sports organisation governing and promoting sport and recreation for Cerebral Palsy (CP) and related neurological conditions. It was formed in 1969, initially as part of the International Cerebral Palsy Society (ISCP) until it gained independence in 1978. CPISRA aims to provide and promote opportunities for recreational sport and activity, to develop grassroots adaptive sport, and facilitate platforms for regional and international competitive and elite sport. CPISRA is a founding organisation of the Paralympics and one of only four International Organisations of Sport for the Disabled (IOSD) recognised by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) to represent impairment groups.

All people who have Cerebral Palsy or related neurological conditions have the opportunity to benefit from and participate in sport and recreation throughout the World

CPISRA’s vision

CPISRA focuses on increasing opportunities for recreational sport and exercise, the development of adaptive sport, and facilitating national, regional and international sporting events. CPISRA also invests in developing people in the CPISRA Academy, and aims to extend the number of qualified classifiers, coaches and trainers at national, regional and international levels while recognising the diversity of cultures and ensuring improved communication and information.

CPISRA provides and promotes opportunities for recreational sport and activity, develops grassroots adaptive sport and provides platforms for regional and international competitive and elite sport.

The CPISRA World Games were first held in London in 1972 and are the pinnacle of our events calendar. In 2018, over 600 participants took part in the CPISRA World Games in Sant Cugat, Spain. They will next be held in 2022 and the bid process for hosting is currently underway.

CPISRA has been instrumental in developing and promoting adaptive sports for people with Cerebral Palsy and related conditions. Boccia was the first sport developed by CPISRA and it provided a much needed competitive sport pathway for people with severe impairment. Boccia made it’s Paralympic debut in 1984, and in 2013 the Boccia International Sports Federation (BisFed) became independent to CPISRA to govern the sport.

The development of CP Football has allowed individuals with Cerebral Palsy to take part in the World’s most popular sport. CP Football also debuted at the Paralympic games in 1984, and the International Federation of Cerebral Palsy Football (IFCPF) became independent to CPISRA in 2015.

Currently, CPISRA is developing RaceRunning, Wheelchair Slalom and Frame Football. Many other sports are available for people with Cerebral Palsy, click the picture below to find out more.

CPISRA is also passionate about promoting sport for recreation, well-being and enjoyment for individuals with Cerebral Palsy. Recreational sport can take many forms and at its simplest is defined as taking part in an activity that you enjoy in your spare time. All sports developed and promoted by CPISRA can be enjoyed recreationally and exploring the great outdoors is a great way to stay active. Click below for more information on participating in active recreation.

Research enhances understanding of the benefits of sport and exercise, and increases our knowledge on technique, training, equipment and impairment classification. CPISRA facilitate and promote research into exercise and sport for people with Cerebral Palsy and related conditions, click below for more information.


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